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The full 4-Part webinar series designed by leading supply chain professionals, uncovering the most recent industry case studies

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Value Adding Supply Chains Series

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4 x Premium Webinars from CSCO Executives

MIT, Henkel, World Economic Forum, Schneider Electric, Unilever and more

3 x Industry Case Studies

Covering: Automotive, CPG and more

Over 3 hours of Industry Insights and Actions

Delving into the most efficient modern philosophies and techniques used to drive value, resiliency and customer demand in todays best global supply chains

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This limited series has been curated with the focus of highlighting modern techniques used in the best supply chains in the industry, complete with current case studies and executive speakers focusing on value KPI's for your companies supply chain.

Value Adding Supply Chains

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Who is this for?

Professionals working in

  • Logistics & Warehousing

  • Digital Transformation

  • Risk and Resiliency

  • Sustainability

Full Description

Part 1: Demand Sensing, Advanced Planning & the 21st Century Supply Chain 


Professor David Simchi-Levi (MIT, Ford, IBM)

Key Learning Outcomes

Global CPG Company Case Study

  • Industry Challenges & Forecasting Challenges

  • Advanced Analytics Set Up

  • How to Harness Digital Trends in your Supply Chain

  • Prioritising Predictive and Prescriptive Optimization

  • Advanced Forecasting for Demand Planning

  • Predicting Customer Demand in a Post Pandemic Framework

Part 2: Value Adding Supply Chains - Creating Business Value Through Transformation: CSCO Power Panel


  • Dr. Dirk Holbach (Henkel) Corporate Senior Vice President/Chief Supply Chain Officer

  • Fransisco Betti (World Economic Forum) Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Production

  • Mourad Tamoud (Schneider Electric) Chief Supply Chain Officer

  • Marc Engel (Unilever) Chief Supply Chain Officer

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Labour shortage, Raw material availability and logistics capacity

  • Sustainability strategy and driving transformation

  • Major trends that digital transformation will help overcome

  • Manufacturing in the future and how it will change, how and what we will use

  • A positive connotation of disruption

  • How initial cost from sustainability is the key to driving future growth and efficient supply chains

Part 3: Delivering Reduced Cost of Ownership and Improved Customer Experience through E2E Supply Chain Transformation


  • Vikram Singla (Oracle) Senior Director, Strategy and Business Development - Supply Chain

  • Stefano Mariani (Alcar Ruote SA) Information Technology Manager

  • Maria Villablanca (Future Insights Network) CEO/Co-Founder

Key Learning Outcomes

Automotive Industry Case Study

  • Transforming your E2E Supply Chain into an Award Winning Company

  • Harnessing Cloud Based Supply Chain Management Systems

  • How to Reducing Cost of Ownership and Planning by up to 35%

  • Using Sensors and other Technology to Capture Real-Time Warehouse Data

  • Reducing the Cost of Activities and Processes

  • Moving Data in Reliable ways without Human Interference

Part 4: A New SCM Paradigm


Professor David Simchi-Levi (MIT, Ford, IBM)

Key Learning Outcomes

Global Automotive Company Case Study

  • Creating Circular Ecosystems and upgrading linear supply chains

  • Measuring Resiliency and Identifying Hidden risks

  • Using personalised offers to Drive Customer Demand and How to Manage Effectively

  • Excellency in Supply Chain Resiliency Framework

  • Ford Automotive's Supply Chain Model an In-depth analysis

  • Where to focus when implementing new risk mitigation strategies

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