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The Supply Chain Resiliency Debate

Building Supply Chain Resiliency Through Digitization

December 1, 2022
Amsterdam, the Boom Chicago Club

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A Private event for senior supply chain practitioners. This event is not for service or technology providers.

Confirmed Speakers

Jenny Wassenaar

Chief Sustainability Officer, Trivium

Rui Pedro Silva

Global Vice President - Omnichannel Tech, adidas

Abdelaziz Salah

Chief Supply Chain Officer, Ecotone

Gladis Araujo

Global Quality VP, Mattel

Maria Villablanca

Co-Founder and CEO, Future Insights Network

Stefano Picasso

Vice President Integrated Supply Chain at Carlsberg

Žarko Čolović

Procurement Excellence Lead, Zone Europe, Nestlé

Siddharth Chivukula Venkata

Senior Presales Lead, o9 Solutions

Bjoern Neal Kirchner

Corporate Vice President Supply Chain Management, Henkel

Stephan De Barse

Executive Vice President, o9 Solutions

Maite Jimenez

Vice President Supply Chain Management, Ricoh Europe

Rob Scholte

Chief Supply Chain Officer, Lamb Weston Meijer

Fazlur Rahman

Head of Global Demand Planning and Digital Transformation, Kraft Heinz

Victor Scarante

Head of Global Procurement Excellence,

Dénes Bozsó

Head of Order Fulfillment Planning, Nokia

Will You Be Joining the Supply Chain Resiliency Debate?

As global disruption continues to plague international supply chains, we discuss what organizations can do to build resilience. From digitization and onshoring to strategic leadership, our Supply Chain Resiliency Debate explores the strategies being deployed by leading organizations and provides attendees with a blueprint for future success.

For the first time ever, we are bringing together 50 of Europe’s most senior supply chain leaders in Amsterdam, to strategize how to successfully embed resiliency and agility into global supply chains in a VUCA world.

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10:00 - 10:25             Morning Coffee & Networking

10:25 - 10:30            Welcome & Introduction

Maria Villablanca, Co-founder and CEO, Future Insights Network

10:30 - 11:15            Power Panel:  Leading in a VUCA World - How to Build a Resilient, Adaptable Culture to Support Supply Chain Resilience

Gladis Araujo, Global Quality VP, Mattel

Maite Jiminez, VP Supply Chain Management, Ricoh Europe

Bjoern Neal Kirchner, Corporate Vice President Supply Chain Management, Henkel

Rob Scholte, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Lamb Weston

Moderated by Maria Villablanca, Co-founder and CEO, Future Insights Network

The shockwaves of the last two years have shown how significantly interconnected and vulnerable our supply chains are. ‘Business as normal’ has been challenged head-on and many already refer to a ‘New normal’. Recent events have tested and stretched our businesses to breaking point more so than anything else in recent memory. 

How can supply chain leaders sustain a new standard of digital leadership in a world that's now in a constant state of flux? 

Moderated by Maria Villablanca

Key discussion areas:

  • What are the most important mega-trends for 2023? 

  • What makes an effective leader? What are the urgent priorities?

  • How can you measure success in an increasingly volatile market?

11:15 - 11:45             Fireside: Orchestrating the Supply Chain Ecosystem to Build Resilience and Sustainability into Global Operations

Jenny Wassenaar, Chief Sustainability Officer, Trivium Packaging

To create sustainable metal packaging, Trivium underpin their products with environmentally conscious operations. They recognize that caring for the climate is a business imperative, so customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders increasingly expect them to make meaningful efforts towards positive climate action. A key part of the meaning behind ‘containing what matters’ is to be able to make responsible sourcing decisions – and to help customers do the same. They employ a range of measures to keep track of sustainability performance in their supplier base. They believe that, in their journey towards positive climate action, every effort counts. But what efforts have made the most impact? In this discussion, Jenny Wassenaar, CSO, will detail how Trivium measures and monitors sustainable and ethical practices in their supply chain, boost supplier engagement and support carbon reduction within the value chain.

Key Takeaways:

1) How Trivium track and trace sustainability information throughout the organization

2) Wall to wall constructions

3) Zero-emission plant

4) Engaging in large-scale collaborations

11:45 - 12:15            Keynote: The Story of Kraft Heinz's Demand Planning Transformation

Stephan de Barse, Executive Vice President, o9 Solutions

Fazlur Rahman, Head of Global Demand Planning, Kraft 

Kraft Heinz was hungry for a better, faster way to plan for demand. Its planners spent countless hours manually building—and overlaying market intelligence into—a mostly historical-based forecast. The result was suboptimal forecast accuracy leading to value leakage in the form of increased food waste and inventory. But shifting to a single ML-driven forecasting engine that leverages internal and external cross-functional insights has transformed how the famed food-and-beverage company forecasts demand. Join this session with Stephan de Barse, EVP at o9 Solutions and Fazlur Rahman, Head of Global Demand Planning at KraftHeinz, to hear how Kraft Heinz transformed its demand planning capability with one platform.

12:15 - 12:30            Keynote: o9 Mobile: next-generation planning at your fingertips

Siddharth Chivukula Venkata, Senior Presales Lead, o9 Solutions

In a fast-moving digital world, planners need the ability to make fast, high-quality decisions on the go—away from their desktops. Introducing o9 Mobile: an innovative smartphone application for the o9 platform developed in collaboration with Samsung SDS to improve user adoption and increase the speed and quality of enterprise planning and decision-making. In this session, get a live look at o9’s seamless mobile experience as Peter Taylor, Presales Director at o9 Solutions, showcases the application’s intuitive UX and next-generation planning capabilities

12:30 - 13:45             Lunch Break

13:45 - 14:15             Fireside: Using Technology to Build End to End Supply Chain Visibility

Rui Pedro Silva, Global Vice President Tech, adidas

We are at a crossroads when it comes to serious tech adoption. 

Whilst on the surface, a plethora of digital tools may seem like an attractive option to combat external crises, many of the main obstacles still revolve around prohibitive investment needs and difficulties in achieving a return on investment. How can companies cut through the hype to find bespoke solutions that benefit their unique supply chain?

14:15 - 15:00         Power Panel: Adapt & Thrive: A Closer Look at Supply Chain Resilience

Denes Bozso, Head of Order Fulfillment Planning, Nokia

Stefano Picasso, Vice President Integrated Supply Chain, Carlsberg

Fazlur Rahman, Head of Global Demand Planning, Kraft 

Abdelaziz Salah, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Ecotone

Moderated by Maria Villablanca, Co-founder and CEO, Future Insights Network

The pandemic and geo-political events have exposed supply chain weaknesses and many companies are now looking to turn crisis into opportunity by ensuring supply chains remain more reliable and resilient.

It has been widely reported that businesses that were already prioritising resiliency before recent events have found that such forward planning has helped to minimise impact and even reap major rewards in an uncertain climate.

Have we been looking at this the wrong way round? Did we need to adapt all along? 

Key discussion areas:

  • Process & Procurement 

  • Advanced planning & Scheduling 

  • Culture & Purpose – Attracting & Retaining New Talent

  • Supply chain resilience - diversification of suppliers, production and transportation, finding alternative materials and unconventional partnerships

15:00 - 15:45             Procurement Panel: Managing Risk and Ensuring Business Continuity Through Strategic Procurement

Žarko Čolović, Procurement Excellence Lead, Zone Europe, Nestlé

Victor Scarante, Head of Global Procurement Excellence, Grünenthal

Moderated by Maria Villablanca, Co-founder and CEO, Future Insights Network

Procurement leaders are in a unique position to help build resilience and business continuity in the supply chain as they are in control of the extended supply network. As the business environment becomes more challenging, understanding the multi-tier supplier base has never been more important to help protect the business. Investment in digital tools to map the extended supply base, and in partnerships with key suppliers are now more important than ever.

Key strategies to be discussed in this session include:

  • Collaboration with key customers and suppliers

  • Diversifying the supply base (multisourcing)

  • Working with the product teams to rationalize products

  • Focusing on total cost of ownership

  • On-shoring / near-shoring and establishing local partnerships

15:45- 16:00             Networking Coffee & Event Close

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